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Holistic Healing & Wellness in Pittsburgh

ome and experience positive life-nurturing techniques to empower your growth and promote the holistic health and wellness of your body, mind and spirit - your highest and greatest good - with master reflexologist, energy healer and naturopath Dr. David G. Speer.

alternative medicine techniquesAs a practitioner, teacher and ordained minister, David's latest healing work with individuals, couples, families and groups brings together the best of world religions, alternative medicine and modern science for extraordinary results.

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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient art that applies pressure to reflex points or zones on your hands or feet that correspond with individual glands, nerves, muscles, and organs. As the healing energy of your own body is rebalanced and restored, pain, blockage and trouble often disappear and the body is able to return to optimum health. The results of reflexology are equal if not surpassing acupuncture, and unlike acupuncture no needles or foreign objects are inserted into the body.

Reflexology is of tremendous value to healthy people desiring to maintain their fitness and immune health as well as people seeking healing. Every body contains a great deal of information; a sensitive, experienced practitioner can receive these reflexology is green medicinecommunications by paying close attention to the hands and feet, often preventing future imbalances while resolving present or past conflicts held in the body.

Reflexology has no toxic side effects, is all natural and uses the body's own healing renewable energy - you might consider it a green medicine, an enlightened alternative for the twenty-first century!

Sessions with David may also include visualizations and mediations to enhance these healing treatments.

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About Energy Healing, Prayer Work & Vibrational Healing

The successful energy treatment often resembles a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around your entire person - the energy of joy and healing moves through your body, emotions, mind and spirit. You may experience what some call liquid love. Others notice heat, cool air or even electricity.

Energy healers believe a deeper layer of everything exists energetically and that energetic and spiritual healing can be effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady as well as the conditions and the interactions that occur in locations where people live and work. Beneath the physical, the psychological, the emotional are energy and spirit, which are the realms of the miraculous.

Miracles are real.

And miracles are for you - right now, exactly as you are, today. reflexology is green medicine

No matter your past, no matter your present condition, you are loved, valued and appreciated, exactly as you are.

And because energy and spirit exist on a level deeper than time or space, energy healing is not confined by space. David can successfully provide remote treatments, much like remote viewing, when travel is not possible.

Energy healing and prayer work, done on your behalf, are not dependent upon your intellectual capacity or spiritual development. You need only to allow and to be open.

Energy work can:

• Treat you, a loved one, an animal, a place, regardless of your location or belief system, provided that you are open. David fondly remembers a patient's dog whose tumor was reduced by fifty-percent in one session. The tumor completely disappeared in a second session - all over the phone. With David in session, you can stand in proxy for someone else in need. A photograph is helpful at times but not necessary.

• Cleanse, clear and remove negative energy, thought forms and unhelpful entities from people, pets, homes and houses, businesses and objects.

• Place you in a position where you can touch the miraculous and more deeply commune with your highest and greatest good.

Energetic healing will never:

• Violate your privacy. Although energy work can go hand-in-hand with revelations and psychic information as a means for reaching resolutions, Spirit is infinitely courteous and will never share any embarrassing information with David.

• Harm, suppress or overwhelm. Negative entities, like negative people, may seek to challenge your free will. Healers and ministers who operate in the light embrace your free will and encourage your creativity and individual communion with the universe.

Learn more about energy work, prayer work, Phoenix vibrational healing and the unlimited possibilities.

About Appointments & David

infoDavid's practice is negotiable fee for service, starting at $35 per half hour. He welcomes prospective clients to call or email him.

David does make house calls within Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. On special request he travels. He receives individuals by appointment, and has flexible scheduling on both weekdays and weekends. David also successfully treats dogs, cats and those pets who are our dear companions.

David performs remote energy healing, vibrational healing and related sessions, by telephone. Video conferences are available through Skype with your computer or smartphone.

David G. Speer, PhD, doctor of naturopathy, has been a practitioner of the healing arts and alternative medicine for over 30 years. He is considered a master of reflexology, a master reiki practitioner, a level 7 Phoenix vibrational practitioner, an expert metaphysical counselor and an unparalleled practitioner of electromagnetic and quartz healing. He is also a past president for the Hypnotism Society of Pennsylvania, America's oldest established hypnotism society, and has studied with masters in Ortho-Bionomy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to understand how thoughts, images and intentions interact with healing for the mind, body and spirit. Learn more about David.


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